Blondes Have More Fun || Vanessa & Lukas

Vanessa’s headache had finally dulled enough that she could get back out of her room and back to classes. Her general classes that she had to attend were easier on her considering not that many powers kids took them. She was lucky her one class she taught she would only be with a single student, she had doubts on if she would be able to handle more than that with her headache. Unfortunately, even though she had single student classes she still had to walk down the powers department hallway. 

Cautiously at first she pushed the staff room door open and started into the hall. She was in a black flared skirt that hit right above her knees and a short sleeved, collared white button up with a pair of three inch red heels. Her hair was pulled up in a messy twist in a clip on the back of her head, hair hanging down to frame her face. She glanced around, having timed it so there wouldn’t be that many mutants in the hallway, and then started down the hall towards her gym classroom. 

She kept her head up, eyes on the watch, counting how many students filed into the hall. She took a deep breath, hand reaching up to her temple as she got to a more crowded area. It wasn’t a bad one, but she needed to get to her classroom fast before she ran into someone with powers more noticeable than a telepath or telekinesis or…She looked around, footsteps slowing. This was weird, this felt weird. Her brow creased as she looked around, tucking hair behind her ear as she looked around for the source of…whatever this feeling was. It had to be a power, it felt like she was being pulled into anxiety without actually having it.

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